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Love Stories of Hawaii


Honeymoon In My Dream Land
Dedicated to Zia Mohiuddin

Submitted by Attia

Once upon a time there was a young lady in an old village of Pakistan. She lived with her mother and father who were very poor but hard workers. She always had gigantic dreams like living in a big house, traveling around the world and shopping. In her family it was not the tradition to celebrate birthdays. Even though she knows that no one will come to celebrate that day but she still wait for gifts. One day she woke up early in the morning because she knew that today is her birthday, she was expecting from her mother to wish her but her mom forgot and sent her to school. She was very upset. On the way to school; she heard a voice that someone is calling her. She followed the voice; there was an old lady who wished her happy birthday and gave her a gold coin that had a letter "H" on it and she said," Happiness is the key of life, keep it with you all the time". The little young lady was perplexed and afraid that who told her about her birthday, why she gave her coin and allo what that letter meant in reality.

One day she went to her cousin's house and her cousin told her that she found a little piece of wood that has a big letter "A" with some other words like "Aloha is waiting for you" on it but she didn't know what Aloha means so she wanted to gave it to her. Now little lady had two things to carry with her.

In summer, she went to ocean with her family. She was walking bare feet on the sand and enjoying the fresh breeze suddenly she felt that something is under her feet when she see it was a seashell with a letter "w" on its surface and on the back it says "Wish you best luck". That poor young girl was really surprised what was happening with her and why she was getting all those mysterious things. She was putting all these things in a safe place.

Years passed by, but her dreams about traveling the world couldn't come true but one day a package came to her house that opened the door to their luck. The package had American visa in it that her family won in the lottery. Finally, her family's poor days passed as they entered in United States "the land of opportunity that has human rights and freedom of speech". The poor girl who used to hold her dreams on her little eyelashes became true. Now she was attending high school and was living in a nice house, and enjoying the life.

On her 20th birthday her mother told her that she found a packet in a store that has a letter "A" on it and since her name starts with that letter so she can have it. When she opened that envelope is said "Adventurous Island Invitation". She was very excited and astonished.

Days were passing, one day she was playing missing world puzzle with her friends. They decided to have 50$ bet who ever succeed in that games so she won by two letters "ii" the words were "imaginary island". Now that was the time she shared with her friends about all that was happening to her and how she was finding and getting all the things. Then she ran to her room and got all those things that she found in past 10 years. Everyone was scrambling the letters together all of sudden it became a word "Hawaii". Her friends shout and told her that it's a beautiful romantic island. Tears started to fell from her eyes because it was a miracle. She would never know what those letters meant and how they will appear one day in her life.

That little girl is me. I thank God every day for blessing me with all of life's surprises and thanks to my fiancÚ who is making my dreams true and taking me to my dream land Hawaii in July. It will be my wedding gift. I hope we will have a wonderful honeymoon time in my dream land.

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