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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A childs smile
Dedicated to Rose and Karla

Submitted by Anonymous

My children fell in Love with Hawaii. We went to Waikiki last year with our two daughters. I thought they would be fighting all the time like they do at home. I was so wrong when they saw the beauty of Hawaii it softned their hearts. When they snorkled in the blue-green waters they held hands. When my youngest daughter won a pineapple on a tour her sisters smile touched me. They actually slept in the same room and I could hear them talking about the adventures of the day and they didnt argue. We all Love Hawaii I have not seen my children smile as much as they did that week . My children would drop everything in a flat second if I told them we were going back to Hawaii. Thanks Hawaii for helping my children to spread the Hawaii Love to one another. A childs smile-nothing better. Sisters loving each other the best.

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