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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

How It Came to Be
Dedicated to My Poospie

Submitted by Sebastian


It was only yesterday,
I met your eyes.
It was only yesterday,
We went for Thai.
It was only yesterday,
You went to Edelweiss.
It was only yesterday,
You dated those guys.

Yesterday seems so long ago,
Today is still here and on the go,
Yet tomorrow,
Only you and I know.

If only you knew,
How happy you'd be,
With a guy like me.

Your bright white smile,
Is the light of my day.
Like the Sun lights up every ones way.

From your deep brown eyes,
To your tender touch,
Always looking forward, to ever so much.

Your friendship is a gift,
That I hope will never drift.
Like riding this white horse,
Through this damn obstacle course.
Hoping to be your Prince Charming,
So one day you'd call me,
"My sweet darling".

If life holds someone for me to be stubborn for,
It's definitely not that corner street whore,
But a gorgeous girl who I know as you.
I've come a long way,
And to this day,
I'm still sure you're the one for me.

If only you could express,
What you're feeling,
It's what I need to hear,
In these little courageous ears.
There's still much for you to know,
As there is for you to show.

You make my life worthwhile,
And I love to make your body smile.
So let's work together,
And we'll get through this weather.

My love for you is real,
So what is the deal?
You'll always be my friend,
No matter what the trend.

I'd love to know how you feel,
Without making it this huge ordeal.
Take my words and hold them high,
While I wish you'd love "this" sweet guy.

I can only stand here by your side,
And make sure you won't slip'n' slide.
You are beautifully clever,
So I know you'll never say never.
But don't throw away,
What you just may,
Regret one day.

I care for you,
I believe in you,
I have faith in you.
But most importantly,
I have love for you.

You're beautiful at heart,
You're intelligent in mind,
You've thrown me a dart,
And now I've gone blind.

Not being able to see,
This is my exit key,
So off we'll go to Hawaii.
Where we'll see,
That life should be,
Together forever just you and me.

You'll always be Poopsie.
No matter who you be.
Companions forever,

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