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Love Stories of Hawaii


Jennifer's Gift to Seth
Dedicated to My Wonderful Boyfriend Seth Dedmond

Submitted by Jennifer

I began dating the most wonderful man this past summer and wanted to give him a gift he would never forget for Christmas to show him just how special he had become to me. I wrote the following poem as a last clue to his gift, a Hawaii vacation.

For my sweetheart, it wasn't hard to decide
What would make your eyes twinkle and shine.

A Lexus, a gadget or anything that shoots
Would be okay, but okay wouldn't do.

None of these gifts stand out in any way
And I wanted the perfect one for you on Christmas day.

I began to think about what else you liked
That would be even better than punch that is spiked.

I thought of your fascination for World War II
And thought about a book or a movie or two.

But books and movies soon sit on a shelf
Where they collect dust and don't mean much to one's self.

I wanted a gift that you would remember for all times
Not fishing gear, not sheets, not shirts with funny rhymes.

I needed a gift that would make you see
That I was the most perfect girlfriend anyone could be.

So I found the right present. The search was done.
Something for the two of us, sand, sea and fun.

An exotic destination, nature's beauty in front of our eyes
Beaches, volcanoes, a Hawaiian surprise.

We'll travel the islands donning leis
See Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, maybe catch a few waves.

Try coffee or pineapple fresh from the fields
Snorkel, hike and watch lava spill.

Entertainment and feasting at the luau at night
Falling in love beneath the starlight.

A lifetime of memories to always share
Aloha Hawaii, we'll soon be there.

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