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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Hawaii Magic!
Dedicated to my husband Bimmy

Submitted by Anonymous

It was the winter time in Michigan and my friends talked me into escaping the cold by flying to island of Maui, Hawaii for a 2 week vacation. Fortune smiled upon me broadly during my stay. I was offered a job and a place to live. Being young and having few responsibilities I called up my place of employment and told them the good news. For nearly 1 year I lived on paradise when one fine day it happened. I had this feeling, like something very special was going to happen that day. I changed all my plans spur of the moment and went to the grocery store of all places, posing as a shopper. Then in the door he walked with this glow all about him! I knew this is who I had been waiting for my whole life. Love at first sight! He knew this moment was special too and seized it. He asked me out then and there to spend the afternoon with him. I did! We shared our first kiss under a gazebo by the ocean that afternoon. Our first official date was set for that night. What a magical night

Needless to say our fairytale ending is we have been together ever since(5 years) and are very happily married. We each found our soulmate in paradise! The Hawaiian magic contiues on...

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