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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Soldier
Dedicated to Steve Hoyle

Submitted by Carolynne

In a world of confusion
Somewhere in the clouds of lost
I found a hidden treasure
Which came without a cost!

The fates turned the wheel
And showed me a new future is near
No more life in darkness
Hope, faith, and light are here!

I found a man so magnificent
It's inexplicable by word
His heart whispered a name to him
And it was my name he heard

His love is like a narcotic
He takes me so high
The first time we made love
I knew what it was like to fly

Every touch
Every kiss
Brought me to a greater
Feeling of bliss

And there he leaves me
On the highest plateau in my soul
No one has ever
Made me feel this whole

I call him my soldier
I trust him with my life
One day soon
I'd like to be his wife

And together we'll go
Wherever our hearts decide
Maybe a beautiful beach in hawaii
Where we can watch the sunset and the tide.

I pray every day
That he'll always be with me
But if he's taken away
I'll always know I had the greatest man in all eternity

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