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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Our honeymoon to Hawaii
Dedicated to Amanda Zaklukiewicz

Submitted by Greg

Six years ago, I met the most amazing girl into the entire world. Who would have thought by just simply turning around, shaking her hand and asking her name that I would be spending the rest of my life with her. From the moment we first met, to everynight when we say goodnight, I get lost when I stare into her eyes.

Our plans were always the same, we were having our honeymoon in Hawaii. Without having a decent paying job, I could not come up with the money to get married, buy a house, or fulfill my promise to her. After 6 years of dating, I finally started a promising career, and got the courage to ask her to marry me. I didn't know just how to do it, but I knew I would come up with something. The day I was going to ask her, I sat at work and came up with an idea. I asked a fellow co-worker what she thought, and she told me she got goosebumps. I left work on a mission. After a quick stop at a florist, and a dozen roses later, I arrived at her job. her co-workers all knew what was happening the second they saw me. She had no idea what was going on when on of her co-workers told her she had a customer waiting for her. When she came around and saw the flowers, she was suprised. I handed them to her and waited for her to turn around. When she turned around to put them down, i dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring. She instantly broke into tears, and I couldn't bring myself to actually ask the question. We hugged each other and wouldn't let go. Our dreams are now going to come true as we take our honeymoon to Hawaii. How wonderful it will be to spend time in the most beautiful destination this world has to offer, and to share the beginning of our life with what the pacific islands have to offer.

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