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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

I Grabbed His Shirt
Dedicated to Jack Butler

Submitted by Rochie

Ours was a meeting by chance. I had been nursing a broken heart for ten months before my girlfriends forced me into a night out at a Waikiki club. I really didn't want to go, but they all showed up at my door to pick me up. I was a hostage!

Jack was alone at the club, not particularly interested in meeting someone, just there to dance.

My girlfriend and I got into a huge debate about how scantily the women at the club were dressed. I thought nothing of it, but it bothered her. So, to settled our debate, I grabbed the first guy leaving the bathroom for his opinion. Jack was exiting the men's room when I grabbed his shirt and said, "YOU! Do you think a woman has to dress like a street walker to get your attention?" He looked really scared when he answered, "Uuuh…no?" I released my grip on his shirt and turned to my girlfriend to say, "SEE! I told you so!" while Jack ran away from me thinking that I was crazy.

Later on the dance floor, I saw him again. He was dancing by himself. I was dancing with the girls when one of them said we should all get a drink. At that same moment, Jack was starting to leave the dance floor too. So instead of getting my drink, I grabbed his shirt again and said, "YOU! You're dancing with me!" He said, "Uuuh…okay?"

The rest is history. It has been over two years since that first meeting but we're still very much in love. Funny how fate brought together a country boy from Alabama and a local girl from Hawaii. This wonderful man was the best thing to happen to me since my three children.

If it wasn't for the Navy bringing him to Hawaii, we would never have met. Nearing the end of his naval contract, Jack was offered a job at the Pentagon. He turned it down and gave up his military career to stay with me in Hawaii.

These days, we live a more family-oriented lifestyle filled with weekends at my favorite beach in Lanikai, cookouts in the backyard with the boom box playing Kealii Reichel and Israel Kamakawiwoole, or playing basketball at the courts in Ewa Beach.

Everyday, I look back and smile. We've come a long way from that broken hearted single mother and the Navy man trying to adjust to the sand, surf, tradewinds, and blue skies of Hawaii.

We laugh every time he wears "the shirt that started it all." Sometimes, I'll grab it and say, "YOU! Kiss me now!" or "YOU! I love you." One day, we will have to put it in a frame.

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