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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Everyday is a special day
Dedicated to Laura

Submitted by Arnold

I always said I would take my wife to Hawaii, a place she has always dreamed of going to. Somehow though, the tomorrow we would go became 15 years ago of yesterdays. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and from inside our home we watched our neighborhood devastated. For eight hours we lived in fear of survival as we heard the winds howl and tornados rip out giant trees from their roots in our back yard. When the winds died down and it was safe to go outside, we saw the damage to our own home. All I could think of though was how lucky we were as our family was safe and we still had a home standing. I also realized how much I had always relied on a tomorrow to fullfill yesterdays promises. I would like to take my wife to Hawaii as she is the love of my life and these have been the roughest 5 months of her life. To see paradise with everything green instead of brown and destroyed would be a dream come true for both of us.

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