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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

I Love my Best Friend
Dedicated to Pastor Donie Vergara

Submitted by Baby

At the age of 18 I was in Hawaii for vacation and , I meet this cute boy name Donie Vergara he was a Pastor in our place and my fathers friend too, he become my very close friend.. we share everything, until I falling in love with him so much, our friendship going strong and strong, but I never expected that our friendship will last as friend forever.
2 years past I was 20years old and Donie was 24years old and the sad moment that I incounter is that when she marry to my bestfriend too,before he shared it to mee that he will marry my bestfriend I was shock, and I cry.. I tell Donie my bestfriend for what I felt to him which is LOVE, LOVE- but he never believe me, and he refuses it.. he says that he love me as his younger sister too- I was hurt because I felt in love with him with all my heart since before we first meet. all the sudden I always remember what we shared together, I was lonely, and I dont know if I could survive with out Donie in my life, I dont know if I could live longer, Dec.04 2005 the day of his marriage with my bestfriend too and I was so lonely thinking of him in the other arm. but im just praying that I can hold on with my life too.

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