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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hurricane Dennis Interpruts
Dedicated to Tim

Submitted by Jo

My husband and I got married in July of 1980. We were very good friends for several years before we became interested in each other. We both ended relationships about the same time and for convenience we shared an apartment. He worked out of town and was only home on the weekends. We had been friends for so long we had all the same friends too, so when he would come home we ended up in the same places. We had the same interests and enjoyed being around each other. One day he called me at work, which he had never done before, just checking to see how I was. He was out of town at the time. I thought that was sweet and when he came home that weekend we decided to ride together to meet our friends and we've been riding together ever since!

Our 25th wedding anniversary was July 2005. We had plans to go to Key West, Florida, but the day we were to leave our home Hurrican Dennis swept through the Keys. Needless to say we had to cancel our trip, which was very dissappointing to us, but immediately I told him that it was not meant to be and that we would have more fun in Hawaii anyway. So, we started planning our trip to Hawaii right away.

We plan to spend our 25th anniversay celebration in Hawaii, just a year late. We have 1 son and he and his girlfriend will be able to accompany us to share our celebration, so Hurricane Dennis did us a favor, but not Key West!

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