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Love Stories of Hawaii


Watching the Waves
Dedicated to Daniel

Submitted by Anonymous

Seven years ago, my little cousins met their theology teacher at their high school. After many months of being in class in with their new favorite teacher, they told me to marry their favortie teacher because he was was a very interesting guy; "a young and cool person in his twenties, like i was". i thanked them for looking out for who i should marry, but i was not interested in a theology teacher. The boys asked me for two more years until the older cousin graduated and the other cousin was a sophomore.

In 2002, my younger cousin died suddenly of a heart problem. Their teachers drove to my aunt and uncle's house to show their support and offered any help to my family. It was then I met Billy. He told me stories of how highly my cousins spoke of their "girl cousin in her twenties who is nice and intelligent." Billy and I are now engaged. Every time we around the ocean, we talk about my little cousin, because he loved the ocean so much. We have seen several shooting stars while walking on the beaches in New Jersey. When walking along, we are always reminiscing about how wonderful it would have been to have my cousin see us together. But the shooting stars tell us that he already knows. We are planning to visit the many islands of Hawaii after we are married this summer. There are so many beaches there, and so many shooting stars that let people like us know that life will be ok again if they just believe.

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