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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Dedicated to Romantics everywhere

Submitted by Colleen

I decided while I was in Hawaii that I would have fun and take chances. The idea of a zip line scared the ‘you know what' out of me, but it also sounded like it would be a lot of fun. I was reassured that it was perfectly safe and there would always be someone available if I should become frightened. There were eight other people with me, some doing this for the first time and others that had come back for more. It must be safe if people actually came back.

We walked to the first zip line and I hung back. I let all the others go before me and then tentatively stepped up to the take-off. We had two guides on the expedition, and one would go over first while the other stayed to help us get started, following after we had all gone. With gentle encouragement they got each of us going and by the second or third zip we were laughing as we crossed over.

Then on the seventh zip line something occurred that changed everything. For some reason I stopped in the middle. I looked down, a long way down, and saw a stream with flowering trees and bushes everywhere. But they were so far away. I looked forward to where I meant to end up and everyone there was waving at me. Then the guide stepped up on the platform with an extra line attached to him. The others that had gone before me held on to the extra line as he zipped back out to me. I had heard about retrieval, but never suspected I would be the one that experienced it. As he approached me he put his legs out in front and then actually sat on my lap. My eyes widened, he was going to weigh me down so that the zip line broke. I just knew this wasn't going to work. He gently put his legs around me and smiled. His smile told me that I was safe while he encouraged me to enjoy the beauty around me. It really was beautiful hanging there above the world. Then I looked at this guy sitting on my lap and started laughing. Here I was, scared and yet surprisingly exhilarated, looking into the most entrancing pair of blue eyes. We were both taken aback at the electricity that seemed to flow between us. The others pulled us in using the extra line attached to him. Everyone clapped as we reached the platform safely.

I will never forget those blue eyes or the way I felt when he looked at me. I have this warm feeling inside me whenever I look at the pictures that were taken. We have stayed in contact, but I don't have the nerve to tell him that I fell in love with him that day. I hope to go back some day for a retrieval of my own. I will return and retrieve my heart.

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