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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Second Chance
Dedicated to My Mother

Submitted by Blythe

There is an old saying about chances and it goes something it the effect of "one in a million" if that one in a million is true then I will forever belive that all you need to have is the one no matter what the odds are.

My story begins in 2002 my mother Rosalie was found to have ovarian cancer by the time they had gooten her to surgey her tumer had grown to the size of a grapefruit I remember when they brought her back to her room I kept thinking to myself "Please God I'll do anything just let mother live" becaeuse I knew if she died that my father would soon follow.

Forest Gump would say that my mother and father go together like "peas and carrots" my parents were married right out of highschool and there honeymoon consisted of one night at the "Holiday Inn" at the time my parents figured that once my father graduted college and got settled in a new job ect that they would go on a second honeymoon.

Then a strange thing called "life" got in they way of their plans. My father gratuade college and then soon after had a trieble accident which disable him life with two children a wife and only a small disablity check to live that dream of second honeymoon stayed just that a dream .

I remember all these things as I was in the hosptal with mom and I thought about all the times that dad would say "if it wasn't for your mother I would have probley just died after the accident but she always kept me going" and now instaed of mom being at the side of a hospital bed it was my father turn. When my mother woke up the first thing did was look at me and asked was "Did your father get something to eat because if he didn't his sugar will drop" If that was me in that hosptal bed the first question would not be about my husband's appetite it just goes to you that mom was concered about everyone else first and herself last. My husband and I brought my mother to our home after she came out of the hosptal she was still weak and I did not want her to do anything for herself . After along haul of chemotherepy and continous prayers mom got through it and never once complained or asked "why me"

Yet after all this the only thing she had to go back to was lousey job that constantly kept changing her hours from day to day in hoping to get to quit because they no longer wanted to pay for medical insurance since her condition was costly to the companies' bottom line.

One day I was talking with my husband and I told that I was so grateful that GOD gave my mother a second chance at life but I wanted to give my mother somethinmg after all she had been through in her life I felt she and dad derserved it.

So my husband and I saved as much as we could and put the rest on the credit card and gave my parents the honmeymoon that they never had we went to hawaii my parents told us that they only had a "One in a million" chance to have a honeymoon like that and even though we'll being paying off that trip for a long time it was worth it to give them something that they had waited to do most of there married lives to do.

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