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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

On The Breeze
Dedicated to Passion

Submitted by Anonymous

John had come to Hawaii to forget. Forget his past , forget his life and start over fresh. He walked along Waikiki one day at lunch time, past some vendors, when he heard a voice close to his ear whisper "Hawaii". The voice seemed to call to him bringing back almost lost emotions. John closed his eyes to soak it in. He turned quickly to look for the woman with mysterious voice. Out of the corner of his eye, in the crowd, John was sure he caught a glimpse of her turning a nearby corner. John moved quickly in her direction, but she was gone like the breeze. He felt she must be a local and perched himself at the same spot every day for weeks. John held to the hope that the woman would return and he held that voice in his head , replaying the word just as he had first heard it..."HAWAII".

Growing despondent over the weeks, and looking blindly at the shore line , he heard that voice again..."HAWAII". Disbelievingly, John remained still. Then he heard the voice again, even closer now. His beating heart would let him wait no longer. Turning, John did see the woman he had been waiting for. Kay Lani, an elderly street vendor, selling tourist items, attracted clients with a friendly call of "HAWAII". John turned and walked down the beach at Waikiki towards Diamond Head.

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