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Love Stories of Hawaii


Watching Over Us
Dedicated to Gary and Gram and Pop Sprigman

Submitted by Bonnie

On August 5, 2006 I will marry my best friend, Gary. We met in sixth grade and have been great friends since. It wasn't until about three years ago, I realized I loved him too. We are partners for life. He asked me to marry him on a beautiful June morning at sunrise. He personally made signs to put on the beach, each one a different color asking me to marry him. I can't remember a better day in my life. I have dreamed of going to Hawaii since I was about eighteen. Hawaii was my grandparents favorite place to go. They went several times on vaction for as long as I can remember. My Pop passed away in 1993 and then my Gram in 1997. I was very close to both of my grandparents and it saddens me to think that they will not be their to see me get married. As part of their wish, they wanted their ashes spread over the ocean in Maui, Hawaii so they could forever be at their favorite place. My two aunts flew to Hawaii, rented out a private heliocopter, and fulfilled thier wishes.

I want to start the tradition of Hawaii being our favorite place beginning with our honeymoon. We will have a beautiful, cherished place to be and my favorite grandparents will be " watching over us"

I couldn't ask for a better way to connect with them once again and have my Pop and Gram see how happy I am and to be able to watch over my new husband and I as we begin our life.

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