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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

For a Reason
Dedicated to My two Loves

Submitted by Sarah

Things happen for a reason. Growing up in a large family I always thought being number eleven out of sixteen children was very special. My parents lovingly dedicated themselves to have a big family. Nine boys and seven girls. We were taught things always happen for a reason.

Dating people here and there as I went through life. Really not finding that special person. It was my fourth year in college. I was off with my two favorite brothers to witness a special day of two good friends of our family getting married. My two brothers and I headed back home to enjoy our friends special day. They tied the knot and the party began. Soon it was time to head home again. As we got near to the city where the three of us went to school. We decided to head out for a drink or two. We went to our favorite pub and ran into some friends. I met a very special person that night a friend of a friend. Big broad shoulders, black curly hair and a smile on his face. We all had a great night. Only exchanging names smiled and went on our way.

I thought of this person many days have now passed. What a beautiful young gentlemen how our lives were so different. Growing up in Conneticut with his family of only FOUR. We soon became closer as we shared stories of our past. How special I felt that God had put us together. Now the story of how his family had moved from the east coast to the Midwest for his fathers new job. The perfect gentlemen in all that he did. I finally agreed to date him, what fun it was.

Soon five years had passed so quickly we both agreed. We felt as if we had know each other since the fifth grade. Next thing we knew we were engaged and soon we wed. My two favorite brothers got married that same year. My brother Adam was last to marry that year. We saw our friends that got married the day we met. Asked them the date of their wedding. We found out we got married FIVE years to the day we met. It sure was a surprise as we both never could pick a date for our anniversary as we dated. We now new that special date. September 20, 1999.

Married for only a year and a half. Soon we found out we were expecting a bundle of joy. His due date was at the end of May two thousand and four. Things were going great. It was early April and we were off to our friends wedding on Saturday night. Felt fine, danced and had a ball. Woke in the morning getting ready to head out for my 28th birthday lunch. Took the el train into downtown Chicago only minutes from our house. Had a great birthday lunch and to both of our suprises my water had broke. Stuck downtown Chicago with out our cell phones. We rushed home and drove to the hospital. With nurses telling us that we will be going home shortly, false alarm. Five pushes later and a healthy baby boy was born. His name is Jacob Matthew Baun born on 04/04/2004. Weighing in at only 4 lbs. This was the best day of both of our lives. The best birthday present one could ask for. We have been blessed with this dear little guy. Our lives have been enriched with such an unexpected announcement. We love him dearly, he makes us complete. How our lives would be so different with out his little feet. Now he is nearing the age of two. As you probably have heard of the terrible two's we will definitely be needing a vacation for TWO……. Hawaii has always been a dream spot for us both. We are hoping to make it come true very soon. So please please pick us.

How blessed we would be to be the winner, if we aren't picked we will likely celebrate our birthdays with a steak dinner.

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