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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Rescue Me!
Dedicated to Elliott

Submitted by Anonymous

Anyone can fall in love on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, up to the ankles in warm surf. It takes a little more luck to meet in slightly deeper waters.

I took my first scuba classes here in Chicago, but put off certification until I could make it to Maui. New divers must make four qualifying dives before they get their cards, and I wasn't about to make mine in a cold quarry!

So down I went, into the sapphire sea off Wahikuli Beach, under the waves with the instructor and a handful of other newbies. I was fine for the first dive, but when we surfaced again, I started feeling the effects of being tossed by the ocean.

Having trained in a nice, calm pool, I wasn't ready for the salt and the surge on the surface. While everyone else went down for their second dive, I held onto the float for dear life. Only one other diver stayed on the surface. He held my hand and splashed cool water on my neck, which helped tremendously.

After a bit, he removed his regulator and asked if I needed help getting to shore. I told him I didn't...but I found I could barely stay upright in my strange saltwater buoyancy. He snorkled me to the beach. He was strong enough to help me up and remove the heavy equipment. He made sure I was comfortable in the sand, then swam back out to rejoin the group. All this without removing his mask!

I didn't make eye contact with anyone on the ride back to the dive shop.

A few days later, I was out by the pool admiring the scenery...not just the palms and hibiscuses. I joined a conversation with a few other mainlanders who were comparing the weather back home. One of the fellows, a tall gentleman with curly brown hair, caught my eye. He mentioned working in advertising, and since I've been a graphic designer for several years, we had something in common. We chatted long past peak tanning time, and ended up having dinner together. He was amazing...brilliant, funny, sweet.

Eventually we got to the subject of what brought us two single folks to the most romantic island on Earth. He told me he'd taken up scuba to meet women. I said I hadn't considered the social aspect...I was more of a fish person. Then he told me that the only woman he'd met so far was a poor seasick girl who could barely stand when she got out of the water.

I must have turned nine shades of red. I asked him...Wahikuli Beach? Then it was his turn to blush. We both started babbling our sides of the story, and ended with a big, laughing kiss.

The next day, we took the dive charter together, and he floated nearby while I finished my final three certification dives. We don't know where we're going to dive next, but we know it will be together!

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