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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaiian Getaway in our Bedroom
Dedicated to my dreams of Hawaii

Submitted by Rhonda

My fiancee decided he wanted to plan a romanitc evening for the two of us since we had both been working long hours and hadn't been able to spend much time together, lately. So, I went out shopping for the day with some girlfriends and was instructed to be home by 6pm. I walked into our bedroom and to my amazement I found a tropical paradise. He knew how I had longed to go to Hawaii, but have never been able to afford it. There were sea sounds lightly playing in the background and he had gone to a party store and bought a cardboard palm tree, a sign that said Aloah, a lae or two and the grass skirt he wore *giggles* The colors were so rich and vivid. He purchased some mangos, kiwis, bananas, coconuts, and pineapples from the grocery store. Sitting me down on the bed he began to feed me the fruit. We held hands and watched a travel video about Hawaii. The beautiful beaches and the exotic animals and birds. Afterwards, he gave me a massage with tropical smelling oil. It was very romantic evening and possibly almost as good as the real thing. Although, I'd still love to experience the real thing. ~smile~

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