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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Wedding that almost wasn't
Dedicated to My Family

Submitted by Anonymous

I met my husband 15 years ago. I was from Orange County California, he was a Country boy, just out of the Air Force. Imet him in a small red neck town in the Sierra Nevadas (Quincy).

After being in a relationship for 2 1/2 years, we decided to marry, We had planned a huge wedding over Thanksgiving of '92. Plans, had been made, and cakes and dresses paid for. In October my grandfather had been feeling not so good he went to the doctor to find he hadd lung cancer, and had a few months to live. I was hoping he would make it past our wedding, I kept informed from my parents everything seemed ok, then 3 day's before our wedding I received a call at 6Am my grandfather had passed away. I re-schedueled the wedding (after the funeral and some had passed) for the following spring '93.

In January my fiance, and I were at a his sisters' house late in the evening he, and a friend decided to go to the store for some food. We all lived across the street from the Hospital, we heard the ambulance go out on a call, we walked out to see who they brought back it was my fiance, and his friend they had been in a terrible car wreck on the frozen roads, and had slid into a tree, he was life flighted out of state. We didn't know if he was going to make it he had some pretty serious injuries, it took him 5 months to get back to semi normal, and a year to fully recover, needless to say we decided to forget the formalities, went to Reno(1 hr from us) , and married in a civil wedding. I never got to wear my dress, we never went on a honeymoon. Our origianol honeymoon was to be in Hawaii. We have been together 15 years now, and have 2 boy's. Somethings were just meant to be!

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