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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Give Me Your Love
Dedicated to Mary

Submitted by E

You are my lily,the queen of my heart,
how i wish you knew how much i love you ,
then you could never ignore my plea
the plead of my lonely heart ; give me ,
give me yourlove till am drunk of it,

My heart is is bleed,my soul is mourning
i feel am dying ,dying of lonely-ness ,
how i wish you read the messages of love ,
written onthe face of my heart ,pleading
give me your love till am drunk of it .

I wish you could hear, the... lonely voice of my heart, and open the door of your heart for me,
and let your love heal my sick heart ,dear ...
give me your love till am drunk of it.

i wish i'll see the day ,walking down the streets of hawaii,holding my queens tender
hand ,on the lovely day ..... queen...please..... ,give me your love till am drunk of it

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