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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Lucky in Love
Dedicated to My Love Always & Forever, Martin

Submitted by Kara

It was my cousin's wedding in the summer of '89 and I almost didn't make it. I had to actually pay someone to take my shift or I definitely would have missed it.
I sat at the reception which followed after the ceremony and wished I could be up there dancing and having fun; but had no partner. I was looking around the room and spotted someone coming down the stairs into the hall. He was tall and not just good looking; but very handsome and I couldn't take my eyes off him. I found myself staring for the longest time and wondering who he was? He didn't sit with any of the brides relatives, so I guessed that he must be a friend of my cousin's.

He sat across the table from me and started chatting to a few people at the table who must have known who he was. I was desperately hoping for an introduction when my cousin's drunken best man Dean stumbled over and said hello and asked if we knew each other? Upon hearing that we did not, he said, "Well then, in that case, Martin this is Kara and Kara this is Martin" and staggered away, happy he had done us a service. He was comical.

Introductions made, Martin & I started talking and found we had lots of things to talk about and he asked me to dance numerous times. We both wanted to travel someday to romantic Hawaii as well as other destinations of unmatched beauty. We were having so much fun that at one point, we went outside for some fresh air and spoke some more. I didn't want the night to end. It was like I had met my match, my soulmate and I felt like I couldn't let this one get away.

The end of the evening drew nearer and my parents, who I had come with, were ready to leave. In hopes of seeing him again somehow, I wrote my name, address and number on a slip of paper and went to sadly say goodbye. He understood and when I said it was nice to have met him and went to shake his hand, he flipped my hand over and kissed it very gently; but firmly. I knew he was it, as no guy from my hometown would have ever done something like that! I felt his kiss on my hand making my legs buckle and quickly left before either falling down or attacking him there on the spot.

I thought of him all the way home and only a few days after returning home; I received a letter in the mail from him, that he wrote that same night after he returned home. We obviously had left quite an impression on each other from our first meeting.

Letters and phone calls and birthday and Christmas visits with one another eventually led to a marriage of our own, with Dean serving again as our best man and 3 beautiful daughters and 15 years later, here we are; just as happy and in love as the first day we met! Martin is ever the romantic and still keeps that slip of paper, that I gave him that first night, tucked away in his wallet. I love this man so much and will forevr and always!

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