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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

It's a Secret
Dedicated to My Love Rubina

Submitted by Sameer

My story begins in December of 2003 I saw her at the new-year party. I had a chance to talk to her and I found out that my girlfriends last stormy relationship fell apart just shy of its 1st anniversary. We both are Nepalese and we had this immediate bond connecting us to each other. The more I knew her the more I fell in love with her. I proposed my love to her after three months. I knew she was going through a rough time and I was sacred a bit about rejection. Today I am happy because I was able to win her heart the same way that she won my heart. I am currently a student at Portland state University and I have lot of loans and to take care off and also I don't have a steady job yet. We have secretly got engaged last month and I really want to give a good time. Her favorite spot for vacation is Hawaii. I want to take her out for a nice vacation but money is a huge factor here. So please help me and my girlfriend for a nice vacation trip. I really want to show her that she is special to me in my heart.

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