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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

The Road To Hana
Dedicated to Lovers Everywhere

Submitted by Desiree

When I looked up from the car jack into your blue, blue eyes, for just a moment I forgot that I was stranded on the Road to Hana with a flat tire. For just a moment I couldn't remember my name. "Do you need a hand?" you said, with smiling eyes so bright they drew me in until you were all I could see. It's an old cliché, but darned if it wasn't true: it was love at first sight.

Before I knew it, you had slipped the lug wrench out of my hand. All during the time you changed my tire you spoke to me like we were old friends, like we had known each other forever. You were funny, sweet and smart, sharing stories about the island as you worked. You made me forget that my flat was making me late for my own birthday party with girlfriends who were waiting in Hana. You complimented me on the pretty island dress I was wearing and graciously didn't mention that I had grease on my face.

"Hawaii is beautiful," I said at one point, clumsily. For a moment you stopped turning the lug wrench round and round. "And full of beautiful possibilities," you said cheerfully.

I remember I felt a little bit sad when you threw the bad tire into the back of my Pathfinder. It meant your rescue of me was over. "That spare is not designed to take you too far," you said, like someone who really cared about me. "If I were you, I would buy a new tire in Hana just to be on the safe side. Although, on second thought, if you ended up stranded in Hana I can't think of a better place to be marooned."

Then you winked at me.

"Thank you for your help, ah…"

"Nathaniel," you said, wiping your hand on your jeans before holding it out to me. "But my friends call me Nate."

I shook your hand. "Desiree," I replied.

"Wow. Beautiful name. It fits you," you said, smiling, always smiling, as you put your hand into your back pocket, yanking out your wallet. You pulled out a business card and slid it into my hand. "I don't know how long you are visiting, Desiree, but if you need anything while you are here, please give me a call. Or even if you don't need anything."

Then you winked at me again and turned. Your blond hair flew in the wind like a sail as you shouted over your shoulder, "I'm going to follow you to Hana to make sure you get there okay. Don't lose that card now, ya hear?"

"I won't!" I shouted back. "And thanks again, Nate!"

Twenty years, four more flat tires and two children later, you're still winking at me. And it all started as a twist of fate, on that twisty road, on May 10th, 1985. Some call it the Road to Hana, but I call it the Road to Love.

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