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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dreaming of Hawaii & all it offers~
Dedicated to My Parents & my husband~

Submitted by Deborah

My husband calls me a dreamer, he says: My heart is full of a longing to travel. Hawaii in the one place, I long to visit. Deep in my soul burns a fire for this magical place. Wanting to go back to Hawaii one day, it is as much to me as breathing. However, at this time in my life, the thoughts of traveling have been placed in a secret place within my heart. But...the fire in my soul burns, until the day my children have grown wings to fly, then I will return.

You see, I was born in Hawaii, in the year 1962. My Father was in the Navy. It has always been a dream of mine to return one day, to the place, that brought my Father & Mother together, on that warm afternoon at the International Market place on Waikiki. This place they speak of that holds magic. I have faith one day that dream will come true. Hawaii is pure beauty & touches my soul. It allows me to dream of a time, when time stood still & everything beautiful calls your name. A place to re-connect with your inner self & rediscover all that is beautiful. Along life's path, this place can truly open your eyes to the beauty of our Earth. I for one, have never dreamed in my lifetime that a place like this exists, but my parents assured me it does. They tell me, this magical place called: Hawaii takes your breath away. I can only dream of being able to watch a sunset across an ocean & be filled with love & peace, and never needing more. At this time, I can only picture in my thoughts, hearing the ocean and it's calming sounds, feeling the water upon my bare feet, while holding the hand of the man I love, my husband. Running to the edge of the water & seeing forever, seeing the blue water sparkles like diamonds, as the golden sun slowly disappears & to splash in the warm tropical waters like a child. Living a golden daydream. I can only imagine being able to see a sight that would set my soul free. Life is so full of these riches & together with the man I love, I want to climb a mountain and shout to the world, I have made it to paradise, the place of my dreams. This is why I need Hawaii, to bring me back to a place, where life is beautiful & to see for myself that dreams do come true, and the magic of Hawaii is real.

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