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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaiian Rendezvous
Dedicated to My Valentine, Jerry

Submitted by Anonymous

We learned the meaning of true love
The day we met each other.
We pledged a special sacred trust
Respecting one another.

Our love assumes no earthly bounds.
We're soulmates and best friends.
We formed a partnership for life
On whom each one depends.

When we took our wedding vows
As husband and as wife,
We hoped that every day would be
The best one of our life.

We wished to always have good health,
Prosperity, success,
Joyfulness beyond compare,
And years of happiness.

We prayed that we would both enjoy
Life's most cherished things.
What gift is greater than the love
A happy marriage brings?

The years have flown by much too fast,
They number 45.
But every union needs some sparks
To keep the flame alive.

Winning this Hawaii trip
Would make our lives complete.
A little bit of paradise,
A honeymoon retreat.

From waterfalls to snow-capped peaks,
Setting sun to leis,
From moonlit skies to golden sands,
And gentle ocean sprays,

From balmy breezes, swaying palms,
And scented floral infusion,
This wonderland of nature is
Ideal romantic seclusion.

These moments we would treasure
Of our fantasies fulfilled.
Sentimental memories
Of dreams on which to build.

The prize of eight enchanting days,
In Hawaii is alluring.
As well, the winner also gets
A rental car for touring.

How I'd love to win this prize
And have my dream come true.
To give my darling, Jerry, an

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