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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Sweet Hawaii
Dedicated to Debi

Submitted by Chuck

This is more than I had ever dreamed that it could be.
I am overcome by your soft mystery.
Riding waves on top a deep blue sea, to my home away from home Sweet Hawaii.

I was captured by her gentle tropical allure.
Trade winds blow away all cares upon Lahaina's shore.
Fragrant whispers in the breeze that call me to be free,
In my home away from home Sweet Hawaii.

Island paradise calls to me,
Rainbows, water falls and sunsets by the sea.
Troubles disappear in golden light,
Lovely smiling faces, eyes that shine so bright.

Island music stirs the soul and fills me with delight.
Ancient mysteries unfold to the rhythm of the night.
Swaying dancer on the shore that speaks of love to me,
Home away from home, Sweet Hawaii.

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