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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Dedicated to Lindsey

Submitted by Nick

To ignite a new spark where the electric air's gone dead, and the thought of passion was yet a vapor of dry air in the desert , where pods of water once dwelled upon the morning sunrise.

To open ones mind as I gaze upon new beauty , like that of a lilly's fresh spring pedal, as a droplet of early morning dew sits proudly upon her flower basking in the mornings' glory of Hawaii's beautiful basin.

To think where thoughts once only burdened the lonely void lacking conviction , the majesty of strength , or the courage of disbelief.

Now to bring about the change amongst the twilight, in the twinkling of an eye perception is gone , and admidst new horizons the sun sets once more ,and beauty and her kingdom sets rest on the hills of evermore.

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