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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

As fate would have it.
Dedicated to A Gentleman

Submitted by Anonymous

As fate would have it, I never thought I would find the happiness I have seen others enjoy. I traveled to Hawaii to witness my best friend's wedding on Annini Beach on Kauai at sunset. I was having a particular hard time being with all of the happy couples that had traveled from our island of Ohio to the Hawaiian garden island paradise. It was Halloween – a bewitching time in any culture – before the new moon – I wrote in the sand ‘love find me'. I was sad to be the sole single traveler of the group – the energy of all of the couples around me made me miserable. Trying to be happy for the happy couple – I smiled and realized that I had the opportunity to see the most beautiful wedding ever – there could not have been a more perfect setting or people involved – it was heart stopping.

Afterwards, I felt alone and very depressed to see such beauty and happiness without having anyone to share it with. The day after the wedding – I finally rented a car of my own to drive around and see the beauty of the island for myself. My first stop was the first beach I came to – I just need to hear and watch the ocean to try to put myself at peace. That is when I met him – it was strange – after a 45-minute talk on the beach, he asked me to dinner. I was a wreck – I had been crying all day, had strange suntan lines, and a puffy face – I must have been a sight but he didn't mind – he complimented me. Dinner in his hometown of Kapa'a, a stroll down the street and an ice cream cone and there was one more walk on the beach before he asked me out for the next night. We talked about running off to the Big Island for the weekend but I would have to change my flight – I was supposed to leave on Saturday. After our first date on Thursday – I knew and I had changed my flight.

When he showed up exactly on time for our second date – a romantic dinner in Hanalei and yet another waltz along a beach. We decided the following day to take off for the Big Island to see the volcanoes because neither of us had seen them before. We had so much fun running through the airports, nearly missing our flight and renting a convertible to watch the stars and moon set over Kilauea.

I only spent four days with him – but it felt like a lifetime and if I never fall in love again – at least I have experienced what it would be like; it could have only happened in Hawaii. I have been invited to return and I hope soon to do so. I know this is the one.

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