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Love Stories of Hawaii


Honeymoon in Hawaii . . . Forever
Dedicated to Pam

Submitted by Peter

Pam and I planned our wedding meticulously, including a honeymoon cruise to Alaska. The week before our wedding, the cruise ship we were to be on ran aground, and our honeymoon cruise was cancelled. Devastated, four days before our wedding we stood at the travel agency, where our agent tossed dozens of brochures on the table in front of us. We stared, open-mouthed, until the brochure for the Hawaiian Islands landed in before us.

"Volcano?" Pam said, the tears in her eyes replaced with wonder. Yes, an active volcano, and many other sights, and we were immediately convinced. Because it would be another month before our cruise refund would be processed, AAA Travel kindly advanced us the price of the package, and we had honeymoon plans once again.

It wasn't over. The morning after our wedding, we stood in front of the United Airlines counter in Boston. Our Delta flight had been cancelled, and we had missed connections. They directed us to United, where a wonderful young lady found us flights to the Big Island leaving that afternoon. "We're going on our honeymoon," I explained. "We'll name our first born after you if we can sit together on the flights."

She worked at the terminal for a few minutes, then replied, "My name is Tonia, that's T-O-N-I-A. And here are your seat assignments." Yes, we had seats together. And that was when we learned the word Mahalo.

We arrived at the airport in Kona late that night, when the airport was quiet and all of the car rental counters were dark. I walked the row of booths anyway, and when I got to Alamo at the end of the row, there was a sign propped up on a phone that said, "For service, please pick up the phone." Dead tired, I simply picked up the phone, and a man answered. "We're looking for a car," I said.

"I'll be right there," he replied. "I stay around until the last flight lands, in case anyone needs a car." And we made it to our hotel, over twenty-four hours after we awakened that morning.

But it was all worth it. We've been back twice since then, visiting all of the major islands, even though it is over a twelve-hour flight from our New England home. And while we have never had children, we have a cat named Tonia, who is the love of our lives. It is still many years off, but we are actively planning on retiring to Hawaii, where we found love for each other and for the people and land of Hawaii.

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