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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii is a Place to Feel
Dedicated to Everyone

Submitted by Colleen

Sometimes you need to be alone to heal.
Walk alone on a warm Hawaiian night.
Once again allow yourself to feel.

The pain of betrayal can cut deep.
Do we give someone else the power?
Or do we maintain that it is ours to keep?

It is time to let go of the pain.
If you continue to hold on to it
What is it that you gain?

What will happen if you take the power away?
Remove it from those that have hurt you.
Take your life back and start to look forward to a new day.

The rainbow arches across the skies reaching for the ground on either side.
Where does it start, how high does it go, where does it stop?
Reach out for the rainbow and go along for the ride.

Follow the colors and open your heart.
Let the beauty of nature surround you.
For your new life is about to start.

In Hawaii you can find love, whether that love is for others or of yourself.
The warmth of the island and the people will give you the time to recuperate.
The support you need to learn to trust and love again.
Believe that you have control of your life before it is too late.

Hawaii is the place to go to heal.
To learn to forgive and begin to live again.
Hawaii is a place to feel.

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