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Love Stories of Hawaii


The proposal
Dedicated to Glenetta Payne

Submitted by Reginald

I read the following poem to Glenetta on 7/4/2005 at a family cookout.

To the Love of my life

You made me realize what love really is
You changed my life with just a kiss,
I've fallen so in love with you
You make my dreams all come true
No matter where life might take me now
I will be with you someway somehow
I couldn't have written a better script to our love story
I thought something this special could never come true
But for all the years I've waited, I'm so thankful for you
I'm committed to be by your side until my final day
I'll be there when your happy and sad every step of the way
I look forward to the memories we will make
And all the family trips with our kids we will take
There is one final thing I want to say to the Love of my Life
Will you marry me, will you be my wife

Love, Reginald

Her answer was yes. Our weeding date is set for 6/24/2006. Our Honeymoon plans are to go to Hawaii

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