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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

May birds leave you raisins!
Dedicated to Mike, my true love

Submitted by Anonymous

I will remember, and always with a smile and a tear the morning I woke up early and walked into the livingroom quietly so that I would not wake you. I was going to make a cup of coffe and sit on the balcony to watch the sun come up. I was stopped dead in my tracks, all I could see were little black things all over the floor. I was very unsure about going in to see what they were. But as you know, I had left the sliding glass door open so I could hear the ocean all night. Well the birds in Maui ar a friendly lot that also seem to like Oatmeal cookies. You know, just like the ones you had picked up while we were at the store.But please do remember that they do not like raisins. As it turns out the bird came in and ate all of my true loves Oatmeal raisin cookies and left the raisins for us. So for all of you, I wish you raisins from the Maui birds.....That is where the love is, That is the true Hawaii.

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