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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Dedicated to Jon

Submitted by Jeanna

In my dreams I see waterfalls
Pristine shimmering droplets that adorn neighboring flowers
Birds greet the morning in joyous laughter
As I set foot on the lava beaches, so different from home
The ocean beckons, no boundaries, no walls
As surfers in the distance ride waves tall as city towers
A hand holds mine, it is my dark amber-eyed lover
He wants to know, is this heaven where we roam
Where at night grass-skirted girls dance between fireballs
And things are so beautiful, sunsets, beaches, the cultures
I think before I answer, looking into the sea, it shimmers and glitters
I touch the souvenir in my hair, the seashell comb
I think, in heaven would there be sand dollars the size of softballs
And fires that burn all night down to their glowing embers
I look up at his tousled sea-blown hair, perfect as a sculpture
And I say, Hawaii is where we roam
In this dream of tropical rainfalls
Did you dream all this, he wonders
As he gazes at mountains that sizzle
Then lets never leave this dream, lets make this home
The rainforest is where we'll sleep and sprawl
We smile and walk hand in hand toward nature's plunder
I close my eyes to remember it all, so when I wake the memories still dazzle
These islands will never leave me, for here is where my dreams do roam.

Jeanna-Marie Bergman November 3, 2005

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