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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

A Taste Of Heaven On Earth
Dedicated to God

Submitted by Tlc

It seemed as if time stood still. We were very attracted to each other then, as we are now.

I've had three dreams of this man. The first dream came true. Our first meeting in 24 years, it was so amazing. We were situated the same exact way as in my dream! When I dreamed of him, we sat a table facing each other. He sat directly across me. The only difference was that in my dream, we were getting reacquainted in a composed manner. In real life, our feelings for each other are like experiencing the splendor and bliss of heaven; perfect happiness that couples experience in Hawaii.

We were so into each other, we held hands and could hardly keep our eyes off each other as we talked and smiled at each other. My second dream will come true when we get married in Hawaii. This is a love connection arranged by God through His son Jesus Christ. Amen!

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