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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Haven Hawaii
Dedicated to Monica

Submitted by Gord

The world is a lonely place to wander at times.
There are people in it so coarse and dull that one might just choose random jetting anywhere as much to escape as to fulfill a life-long longing for that 'one special person'.
Would flying to an incredible Hawaiian island really increase the chances?

My wife had been dead for many years.
Friends and family repeatedly reminded me that she wouldn't have wanted me to be alone for what time remained for me in this world.

After some months, my thoughts of necessary devotion to her memory subsided into an agreement with those close and wise.
The time for mourning and dragging through every day was over.
"The world is filled with many other incredible women!" they implored.

I remembered how before we met my dull routines included solitary eating and how later her fine setting of table had spoiled me.
Her many fine subtle attributes recurred. She was a very special woman.
Wouldn't my jetting to a tropical island really be nothing more than a lame attempt to in some way create an artificially enhanced environment in which someone else might be repaid something owed her?
One of our days together returned to me again and again, a simple day and carving a roast beef.
The silver candlesticks, soft music, fragrant aroma and resulting ambience produced an incomparable atmosphere.
Could a tropical breeze with some other perfect woman somehow approach what we had?

A hug on the runway ramp and a bit of a shove with "Don't come back with that long face!" was probably exactly what I needed from my supportive friends.

We met in Waikiki, both trying to see more than there was to be seen through a window in the side of a huge mystically lit exotic species filled aquarium.
It was near the end of the tour's second day.
Somehow we gently bumped elbows and looked into each other's eyes, obviously somehow meant to be. Both of us had known great sadness.

Somehow all that dissipated, transforming into smiles and chuckles with my first bit of improvisation in years and her perfect reaction:
"The mating habits of some of these fish involve swimming ‘round and ‘round the tank to generate enough warmth for 'the act'.
Imagine the government spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide a sufficient perimeter to cater to those extra ‘space' needs.
For the fish it's just a one second thing in the middle of some pool's edge warm water circling.
I wonder if the fish appreciate that.
What would they say if they could verbalize their thoughts?"
"Love me and leave me in luxury's lap?"

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