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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Love at First Sight
Dedicated to Bill

Submitted by Anonymous

The day my girlfriends and I arrived at the Honolulu airport was an exciting day. The three of us had our trip to Hawaii planned for several months, and now our dream was coming true. We couldn't believe that we were finally here. My boyfriend did not want me to go because he was afraid I might meet someone, but I told him he was silly to think this. I came from New York to see this tropical paradise to relax in the sunshine and take in the beautiful sights.

Early the next morning, I laid in bed wondering what God's plans were for me. I knew I had to make a decision when I returned to New York whether I would accept Jim's proposal. I couldn't understand why I was hesitating. I said a prayer that whatever I decided would be the best choice.

After breakfast, the girls and I went to the beach at Ft. DeRussey. We swam and enjoyed the beautiful vision of Waikiki and Diamond Head. I was heading to the water when Jerry came approached me and asked if I would like to go surfing. We had fun and talked afterwards. I introduced him to my friends, and he asked if the three of us girls wanted to go on a tour of the island with him and his friend, Bill. We figured we were safe in numbers and said yes. He introduced us to Bill, and made plans for them to pick us up at our hotel.

When they arrived, I stood on the top step looking down at Bill who was standing there and holding onto the rail. He was so handsome, but I could sense what a good person he was. My heart skipped a beat! Our tour began with Pearl Harbor where they were stationed aboard the O'Bannon, a destroyer. Next we went to Waimea Falls. The girls and Jerry were slow so Bill and I walked ahead. From this moment on, it was the two of us surrounded by friends. I knew he was what I wanted for the rest of my life. We saw each other every day for the two weeks we were there.

He saw us off at the airport, but my girlfriends said I would never see him again. It was only a vacation romance. How wrong they were! He was at my house two weeks later. We flew back and forth between North Carolina and New York for one year and married.

He was suppose to be out of the Navy three days before I arrived but was detained by the Navy. He left the island to clear out three days after I left. We were truly a part of God's plan. We have been happily married for 36 years and are proud parents of two fine sons.

We threw a lei of flowers in the water on Waikiki. According to the legend, we will return one day. I hope so!

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