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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Son in the Army
Dedicated to Bradley Long

Submitted by Chuck

My wife and I have children from former marriages. We feel in Love and married some 3 years ago. My wife's youngest son, Bradley, now in the US Army, will be stationed in Oahu. What a this is my wife's dream vacation spot. She knows we cannot afford to go. She so wishes to see her son when he arrives in February of 2005 to report for his permeanant duty station in Hawaii. We would love to surprize him and be there for him. We are so proud of him serving his country that we hope to see him one day as we don't have the funds to do so. He will be serving 6 years and will only come home once a year, if he can afford it. Additionally, he will probably ship off to Iraq/Afghanistan in harms way.

I love my wife and youngest son and wish we could be there for him before he leaves overseas one day. What a surprize that would be to go over to Hawaii, my wife's dream vacation and surprize our son as well. Can you believe the outpouring of Love such a moment would bring to my wife and my son. For me, it would be a miracle and honor for that to happen. Loving and supporting your wife and son is the greatist Love of all............and to make this come a reality is almost unbelieveable. It would be a milestone in History for the Andrews family, a moment of Love never to be forgotten.

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