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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Our Special 23th Anniversary
Dedicated to Virginia Ross

Submitted by David

All of our marriage, I have told my wife that for our 25th wedding anniversary that we were going to Hawaii. All she said was 'Yea, right'.As the time got closer and I started making arrangements she started getting a little like she really didn't want to go and eventually she said she didn't think she wanted to. I told her that I was going with or without her and finally after I had plane reservations and booked places to stay she said she would go. When she got on the plane she wasn't very excited because she wasn't crazy about flying, much less for 9 or 10 hours. She also didn't think our kids could survive without her here to take care of them. Well, we got there and saw how beautiful everything was and things got romantic between us, like it hasn't been in years. We got closer to each other than we had been since we had gotten married. All of the love and appreciation for each other is back in our marriage and we are looking forward to everyday. We have since been back twice. Now my wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer so after her surgery 6 weeks ago we have started chemo treatments and when all of this is finished her wish is to go back to Hawaii and relax and that is what we will do, because now we both realize that we aren't guaranteed that we will be here tomorrow so we need to take trips for us today.

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