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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

The Perfect Storm
Dedicated to Joseph Keith

Submitted by Jennifer

This is a love story about weathering through the rough times of life only to look back and see that each storm is a blessing all of its own. Our love story begins a few years ago when my mother was diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma. My mother had just turned fifty years old and our family had gotten the news that she was diagnosed with cancer on October 31, 2001. It was a difficult year for us as a family. Through this storm in our life, God brought us through many difficult moments, but in the end our family had grown stronger. A deeper love for each other and for God. It was November 21, 2001 that I had stepped foot into a bookstore to get a few things for the upcoming Christmas season. I had made a necklace with a small anchor charm attached to it to remind me of my faith in God that when your boat is rocked with life's storms, God will give me peace and keep my boat from sinking. As I stepped up to the counter to pay, a young blonde man greeted me with a smile and said, " How are you doing Jennifer, its been a while since I saw you last." I replied, " Things are going as expected." Joe replied, "Well, I know things will get better. What is that necklace you are wearing?" I replied, " It's a necklace to remind me to pray for my mother who is sick and to keep my faith focused on God when life hits you with a storm." That night began a new story that would not be unfolded before our eyes for another two years. Joseph Keith and myself, Jennifer Kaminski had known each other through a mutual friend. We had seen each other in passing and sometimes at the book store where he worked. Yet I was in the middle of another relationship and had no need to look anywhere else. We were content with life and never thought that our separate paths would meet together some day. In August of 2003, my current relationship of four years was slowly fading away. I did not want the relationship to end. Like many young, single females I was looking forward to the future. I wanted to find my husband to be, marry and enjoy the companionship for the rest of our days. Yet, myself and my ex-boyfriend came to an agreement to end the relationship. That day was August 15, 2003. I had argued in my mind all day to not give up this relationship. "Why God!If I let him go I feel like I will never truly find the one for me. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life. Please God, help me to understand." Then as I sat in my car at a red light a song came on the Christian radio station. Each word chilled me to the bone as if God himself was answering my cry. The song went like this: "I know there are time, your dreams turn to dust. You wonder as you cry, why it has to hurt so much. Give me all your sadness. Someday you will know the reason why. With a child like heart, simply put your hope in me. Take my hand and walk where I lead. Keep your eyes on me alone. Don't you say why were the old days better just because your scared of the unknown. Take my hand and walk where I lead. You will never be alone. Faith is to be sure of what you hope for, in the evidence of things not seen. So take my hand and walk." As a sat and listened to these words, God was saying to my heart," I hear you and I am listening to your prayers. This is your song and I want to you to go to the bookstore to purchase this song so that you will keep putting your trust in me that I will take care of your future." I quickly drove to the store where Joe was working behind the register. I did not say much but asked for this song "Take my hand and walk" by the Kry. The song was not available to be purchased that day but God had reunited us and I knew that God had used this song to bring us together.We celebrated our two year anniversary,getting married on 10/14/06 and planning a honeymoon to hawaii! It has been through these times of trusting God with the ones you love that God can give to us the perfect storm that brings forth true happiness and blessings. ~a true love story~ my love story!

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