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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Business Plus Pleasure EqualsHawaii
Dedicated to Dan, my husband

Submitted by Jet

Last September, I won an award trip to Maui, Hawaii, through the staffing agency in which I am a Recruiting Manager. I took my husband of 12 years, Dan, kicking and screaming: Dan does not share my love of travel so he was not nearly as enthusiastic about the trip as I was. After three days and six dives in Maui, someone snapped a post-diving picture. Looking at the photo, our faces beaming with sun and exuberance, I realized we had both fallen in love all over again. The adventures in Maui, from the romance of the volcano to the amazing rhythm of the water brought relaxation and revitalization to both of us. Maui will always be remembered as the place where only a few short days brought a lifetime of memories.

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