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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The lost ring
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Leslie

Thirteen and a half years ago my husband and I went to Kaui, Hawaii for our honeymoon. My husband and I decided to take a hawaiian snorkel tour to a part of the island only accessible by boat. My husband dove very deeply after we found an area away from the other snorkelors. At the bottom of the sea he found someones long lost class ring. We thought it was amazing he was able to find it at the bottom of the sea. There was no identification on the ring except for the school emblem, initials of Moorehead University and the owners initials and year of graduation. We took the ring home with us thinking how could we find the owner. I kept it in my jewelery box for over 10 years looking at it every so often and remebering our wonderful memories of our honeymoon and the start of our lives together. Through two moves it stayed in the same spot. Two years ago we finially got a computer that we could access the internet. One day I took out the ring and looked up Moorehead University's website. There I accessed the alummni dept. and emailed them with the information on the long lost ring. One week later I recieved an email from the owner of the ring. He was so shocked and elated. He and his wife had been to Kaui on their 25th wedding anniversary and he lost it snorkeling. They also had gone to Kaui for their honeymoon. He had told his wife he never thought he would ever find it and had always wanted to pass it along to his son. I took the ring and boxed it up and mailed it the next day. I wish I could say he was a millionaire and sent me a large reward but he is a teacher and I hope to have good karma. The moral of the story is special magic can happen on the garden isle of love.

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