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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

A Chance Encounter
Dedicated to The dreamer in all of us

Submitted by Colleen

As I walked along the beach in Kauai I let the sun warm my heart as I dream of romance. The water caresses my bare feet as the sand cushions my steps. The ocean breeze catches the edges of my sarong and lifts my spirits as well. I find myself laughing at the picture I must make with the wind in my hair, an occasional flash of leg and the waves breaking at my feet. I imagine what it would be like to find my true love here in Hawaii. What would he be like? How would I know if he was the one? What am I looking for in this person?

As I come around the corner I see someone sitting on the rocks. Will I intrude on their solitude by walking by? Just then he looks up and smiles. Maybe it won't bother him if I am there. As I walk closer he beckons me to join him on the rocks. Here we are, two people alone on the beach is it safe to join him? What do I know about him? There is something sad in his face. How can I not join him and perhaps relieve the loneliness that I see there? I sit on the rock next to him and we both look out over the water. He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His smile alters his face as he looks at me. For some reason I feel comfortable sitting by this stranger. There is a gentleness to him that tells me that he will cause me no harm.

He reaches into his pack and pulls out an orange, peeled and sectioned, and offers to share it with me. We share it and then walk along the waters edge. I dip my fingers into the water to rinse the juice off at the same time that he does. Our fingers touch briefly and they tingle. Surprised I look up and he has a stunned look on his face. He must have felt the same current that I did. A smile slowly spreads across his face and then he reaches back into the water and splashes me. I take off running but he soon catches up with me when I am about knee deep in the water. He picks me up and carries me further out into the waves. Now we are both soaked and laughing. My sarong clings to every curve. I should feel embarrassed, but as I glance up into his face I get a warm feeling. He has a tender smile as he slowly lowers his lips to mine. A brief kiss and then he carries me back to the waters edge and the sun quickly dries us both.

Have I met my true love? Only time will tell. We make plans to meet later. I look over my shoulder as I walk away and he is still watching me. My dream of romance in Hawaii may be real.

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