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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Forever yours
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

The beach sparkles like diamonds as the moonlight shines down on the bride as she walks along the waters edge,love shinning from her eyes as she see's her groom waiting for her.

The water laps calmly at her feet as the native music plays softly in the distance, the romance in the air brings the bride to tears as she views the beautiful island and hears her groom whisper in a voice filled with nerves that he loves her. The bride breathes deeply hoping to memorize the sounds , sights, smells, and the feelings in the air. Looking up she see's the dark sky with stars dancing around, almost as if they too are as excited as she is on her special day.

She turns to the man standing next to her and they share a private smile as the minister begins to speak, repeating the same vows they had said to each other 20 years before.

As they kiss they promise each other to keep the romance of Hawaii alive in there hearts and marriage until the end of time.

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