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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

The Hawaiian Sun and You
Dedicated to My husband Matt

Submitted by Anonymous

It was late the first night we met.

We talked for hours over a few glasses of wine.

You spoke to me of the things and people you loved and places you missed that followed you in your dreams at night.Your last duty station. "Hawaii", you said with a whistfulness in your eyes and a touch of sadness in your voice.

"Hawaii?", I said for I had never been. I had always thought of Hawaii as the backdrop for old 50's black and white movies. A Hawaii too far away, too exotic for me to experience it in color.Yet secretly, I have always wanted to know her.

Then you brought out your pictures. Of the local beach you loved...the beach captured at night with moonlit palms trees and the silvery glow of the waves. Several pictures of your favorite local haunt, a lively and colorful local bar with a thatched roof and smiling people that you missed. Then a series of pictures that captured dark, black roadways cut into lush green tropical mountainsides, and lastly a picture of you at the beach with the most golden orange sunset behind you. I could only imagine in a dream. And there you are tan, muscular, smiling, illuminated by the golden Hawaiian sun. I thought about that picture for days and months after our first date. You did call me again and now it has been a few years and we're married. Now We both work long hours at our jobs. Hawaii is a happy idea in my head. I want so badly to surprise you and take you to that magical place, the dream land of golden sunsets and silvery moonglow. There I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face and you by my side. Now this would be a dream come true.

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