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Submitted by Anonymous

We have been together since I was 17 and he was 16. It has been 11 1/2 years since then and we have yet to go on a vacation (even a weekend one) together...alone. He is extremely responsible and dedicated to working very hard now to give us a secure future. He is tireless in his efforts to do what he has to do in order to provide me and us a wonderful life and to be able to actually spend time with his kids...whenever they may come (if we are to be so blessed!) At times it has been rather difficult for us since we have not been able to do many things. I believe he is far overdue to take a real vacation in Hawaii, I am far overdue for some time with him in Hawaii!)when he is relaxed (and where he is no where near his job!), and we are far overdue for knowing what it's like to not have to worry about anything and enjoy some time away Hawaii!

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