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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My mom's dream
Dedicated to my mom Aggie

Submitted by Tammy

A lifes dream came true for a 70 year old woman in July 2005. After many plans to visit Hawaii with the love of her life my dad her dream came true. Only it wasn't the same dream she had had many times before. You see in July 4,1999 she lost her love to cancer after 35 years of marriage. Her dream had always been to see the sunsets over the open Hawaian skys, to see the fireworks from the ocean. Her and my dad shared the same dreams to see a luhua and visit the botincal gardens.

Wanting my mom's dreams to come true before she went to meet my dad was the best gift we could have given her for her 70th the family planned. We planned and saved for over a year not letting on to the birhtday bash plan. As the family planned things we getting scary...her oldest granddaughter joined the military. But June 17, we finially told her to pack her bags that her whole family was taking her on her dream vacation. As 12 of us met up from all over the USA the excitment started to build and she realized that her dream was coming true. Our first stop Pearl she and dad had always wanted to visit the site this was a time for mom we all knew that in our hearts dad was with us. Our second adventure was Maui and the few things she wanted to experience.

July 4, 2005 was my dad's 6th year anniversary of his death and we gave my mom the surpirse we managed to keep quite. You see we had all planned to take her on a 4th of July dinner cruise in beautiful Lahinia Beach. As she watched the fireworks from the ship we could see the tears rolling down her face and a faint smile behind the tears. The smile was for the joy and pride yet the tears were for my dad who she wanted so much to share this with and her oldest granddaughter who couldn't be there with us. We all shared the joy with mom as this ws the first family vacation we had been able to make since the death of my dad.

The smile I saw on my mom's face for those 10 days was a memory that even a picture could not do just realize that 11 kids and grandkids made here lifes dream come true was priceless. We spent time watching the sunrises and sunsets remembering my dad and celebrating the life of the other my mom.

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