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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to Chris, the love of my life

Submitted by Anonymous

Only someone who has experienced and felt the power of love, can truley write about being in love. I grew up with an 'old fashioned' love. My grandparents became my salvation and God was my guide.

I had a rough childhood and grew up without affection from my mother. I became a young mother and had to learn how to give affection to my son. He saved me from so much lonliness that I owe him my life.

My relationships became like my childhood, empty and loveless. I had a fiance when I was twenty-one who needed to "find himself" two months before the wedding. My dream Hawaiian honeymoon was cancelled. I grew numb and avoided any serious relationships for seven years. Then I met Chris.

Chris a surprise to me. He was younger, but a person could not tell be his maturity. Like me, he was forced to grow up fast and accept things in his life that was out of his control. He knew all about me and my insecurities, he still fell in love with me. Chris told me that on the night he meet me, he said a prayer that he could only wish of having a girl like me.

Chris knew I loved him before I knew it. He opened my eyes and heart to so many emotions that I thought I had long buried. I owe him so much.

Chris helped me open my eyes to the gifts in life. My son needed me to guide him into his years with affection and love. Chris had a mother that let him feel everyday how much she loved him. He talks of his mom and her struggles as a single parent of two boys. Chris admits that he and his brother did not make it easy on her, but she did not 'scold' them, instead she talked them about what they did wrong and that she would always love them no ,matter what.

He is the man I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. There are so many people that claim to have found "love" in their life, but true love is so rare that a person can not be prepared for the power that is behind it. I dream of marrying Chris and continuing my jouney in life with him. Hawaii is a place of fantasy and reality. I want to share my dream of Hawaii with the man who gave me my second chance at happiness and first chance at true love.

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