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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Dream Man
Dedicated to Jimmy

Submitted by Anonymous

I have always fantasized about my wedding day. And it is always the same. I'm on a beach in Hawaii and the sun is setting and it is so beautiful. Unfortunately the father of my children the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with is addicted to drugs and alcohol. I am no longer with him. Therefore i had given up my fantasy of a hawaiian wedding until recently. I was at a neighbors house and there was a man there i had never seen before. I asked who he was and was told that he was the neighbors brother. I felt an instant attraction to him from the first day. I didnt think he was interested in me at all because he never acted like he was. A few months went by and the neighbors were at my house for a barbecue and he showed up. Still not thinking he was interested in me I figured he just came over to my house because his brother and sister-in-law were there. well as it turns out he was attracted to me for awhile and never said anything. So after the barbecue everyone went home and he said he would help me clean up, so we cleaned up and were sitting in my backyard and the moon was glowing and it was a nice night and we talked for awhile then he leaned over and kissed me and i got butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited because he never showed any interest in me. We started dating and everything has been wonderful since our first kiss. He is such a sweet caring man and i'm lucky i met him. Recently he asked me to marry him. I asked him what type of wedding he had in mind and to my astonishment he said why not go to hawaii and get married. I couldn't believe it! I started to cry. He asked what was wrong didnt i want to get married in hawaii. I was finally able to tell him my dream wedding is to be married in hawaii. He laughed and said not to cry my dream will come true. He is definitely my dream man.

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