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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Love From Afar
Dedicated to Jodi Silva

Submitted by Regi

Me and my wife dated for a year before we decided to get married. We planned on a june wedding because our bithdays are on the 15th and 18th. Things didn't worked out as planned and before i knew it i was being activated to go to Iraq. So we ended up getting married in on March 10th and the next morning i reported for duty. I was gone six months before i returned to my wife. We spent one year together both attending college and working to make ends meet. Then in January I was called to serve again this time for 18 months. I spent 6 months in Mississippi training for the war in Iraq. I am now serving in Iraq and will be here until June of 2006. By the time I get back to my wife we will have been seperated longer than we have been together. I always promised her i would make it up to her and we would go somewhere beautiful together. She loves Hawaii, has never been there but has pictures all over the house. For our third year anniversary I want to take my two weeks leave and go to hawaii with her. It would make her dreams come true. Not a days goes by that I dont wish for my wifes happiness. My safety doesn't even come before her happiness. I know there is nothing more in the world that would make her happy than to be surprised with a trip to Hawaii.

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